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Molly Durnin:  Born To Play


About Molly Durnin

Stories in Sound

Molly Durnin is a singer-guitarist with an engaging stage presence.  She has been performing non-stop as a full-time musician for ten years,  making her a rarity among female artists. She has garnered accolades as a  singer-songwriter due to the breadth and depth of her writing, and she has  paid her dues as a cover artist at countless venues and watering holes across  the U.S.  

Molly’s songs draw from the heart of Americana – country, blues and folk yet every song is uniquely hers. Her songs are clever and amusing, honest and  hard-hitting, tender and heartfelt. Everyone agrees “she has that special ability to take you there.” Armed with a battered Breedlove guitar and a treasure trove of memorable choruses, she’s got everything she needs to rock the house. 

A native of the Northeast, Molly has lived in both the South and the  Midwest. Raised in rural NY, she began singing in the “518” music scene of  the Capital Region, where she released her debut CD entitled Run in 2012. 

Molly has earned praise for her original songs at the renowned folk venue  Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY.  She has  been both a street singer at the City Market in Charleston, SC, and a hard working mainstay at honky-tonks throughout the Quad Cities of Iowa and  Illinois.  

Molly is currently living in Charleston, SC with her two Siberian Huskies,  where she sings at local hot spots, both as a solo act and with backup, performs her original music at listening venues, and tours nationally on a seasonal basis.


"Molly Durnin's guitar - as fierce as she is!"

Breedlove Guitars Press:

The Davenport, Iowa singer/songwriter has developed a singular, percussive style on her battered Breedlove, proving they both have staying power. “My guitar is my identity,” she says unabashedly. “It gives my poetry a melody.”